28 mai 2008

Gotta keep upgrading!

I had lot of stuff to do and little time for drawing lately but yesterday while browsing on youtube a landed on that guy's page named Mimmo and well I was astonished. And so I jumped on my Wacom and sat in front of my pc using psc3 for about 5 hours and I made this drawing which is, and I hope you'll anderstand, inspired from Mimmo's piece of art. The guy's name is Lloyd Dante  and is named out in honor of "Devil May Cry", which is one of my favorite game, and the one I had already posted is named Dragon D. D'Artagnan... [Lire la suite]
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11 mai 2008

Manga element

Here you have it my first element of manga!! The fisrt one is actually a bad guy named "General Khraft", also the first ennemy the hero will encounter. And for the second draw, I first thought of making him the main character but then decided to make it the second one. His named "Dragon D. D'Artagnan". The main character is already designed and I just need to draw it on a scannable convas. It will be done soon so stay tuned!
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11 mai 2008

Long time.. sorry

Long time no update right... I had plenty of things on my mind and haven't had much time to do what i luv most. But nonetheless here I am, and oh you might have realized, Im writing in english! yep I have decided to update in english from now on for a lot more people will be able to follow my steps... (which aren't big i must admit...) Anyways please don't mind the misspelled word or anything of this mather. So here are two draw I made, hope you enjoy.
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